We aspire to create balance between space, light, and color enhancing the meaning of what it is to live well.


A keen sensitivity to our client’s desires allows us to create spaces that awaken excitement. 10.Studio designs speak to our client’s lifestyles, where meticulous attention to service and detail are at the forefront of our ethos. We aspire to create balance between space, light, and color enhancing the meaning of what it is to live well.

We bring a sense of completeness to our designs that translate into cozy, contemporary, and warm interiors. What you bring to the imagination, we can visualize in the design.

Working closely together, Melanie Weber and Cristina Hoyos oversee every aspect of the design process. With a dedicated team of professionals supporting their projects, 10.Studio has the ability to develop personal relationships with their clients, instilling a trust and connection that goes far beyond the design.

Melanie Weber

Melanie Weber has always been in the design business - her mother was a decorator in Ecuador, where she became familiar with the industry at a young age. She knew right away that design was in her future.

She majored in Interior Design at Miami International University of Art & Design. During her studies, she began working at a boutique design firm, where for six years she honed her skills mastering luxury residential and commercial design. Fulfilling her client’s expectations becomes her top priority.  She later works on her own for three years before partnering with long-time friend Cristina Hoyos and forms 10.Studio.

Melanie understands that spaces should feel cozy and beautiful, and foremost purposely designed. Interpreting their client’s unique lifestyles through well-designed spaces is at the core of her design perspective.

Cristina hoyos

Originally from Colombia, Cristina Hoyos moves to Boston to pursue studies in industrial design. She begins her career in the fashion industry at well-known brands such as MaxMara, Steve Madden, and Vogue Latin America where she is immersed in the fast-paced world of  production and marketing. Embracing her background in design and fashion, she opens Crish Designs, a successful jewelry line.

Later moving to Miami, she studies fashion merchandising and accessory design. The combination of both creates the foundation for her understanding of how textiles can be transformed, developing her eye for proportions and textures. During this time, she meets interior designer Melanie Weber. What starts as a close friendship and still is, flourishes into a partnership forming 10.Studio.

Cristina brings an attention to detail and signature aesthetic that can be seen across their interiors. Her business acumen and forward thinking approach complements Melanie’s, uniting their vision for the future of 10.Studio.